Bua Ban Main

Block G5/43: Bua Ban Main Field

Coastal commenced development of the Bua Ban Main (Songkhla C area) field in 2010 and by mid-2012 had drilled eleven wells.  Field limits are established with the majority of the wells completed in the Lower Oligocene formation and two wells with Miocene formation production. Additional drilling is planned to further develop the Miocene and Lower Oligocene formations.  The discovery of Miocene production in the Bua Ban Main field gave encouragement that the formation would be productive in the undrilled prospective area to the north which became the Bua Ban North Field.

As of September 2012, the field was producing approximately 1,000 bopd.  At March 31, 2012 2P reserves at Bua Ban Main were 1.5 Mmbbls per the Company’s third party interim reserves evaluation performed by RPS Energy Ltd. 

History of the Bua Ban Main Field

The Bua Ban Main field was discovered in 1990. Several intervals in the Lower Oligocene reservoir flow tested oil at rates of 420 - 768 bbl per day. Coastal drilled three appraisal wells at Bua Ban Main in 2005. These wells helped to define the productive limits of the field. Following the 2005 drilling program, 21.8 Mmbbls of 2P reserves were assigned to Bua Ban Main.